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Building a Cryptocurrency with Kotlin : Part 1

Kotlin has been becoming more and more mature with every release. We arguably have the most concise modern programming language that currently exists. With language idioms like data classes, extensions, kotlin objects, delegated properties, lambdas and of course, the latest version of Kotlin adds coroutine support. Lets talk about Node.js for a second.  Node.js  helped us to create many amazing websites and services, and provides numerous modules to make our lives as developers easier. But just because a tool is good enough does not mean we should stop innovation there. Kotlin is now Node.js' competitor because Kotlin's powerful language idioms enable us to create a powerful and fast framework for building asynchronous servers and clients, called  Ktor . Lets go back in time for a moment. Back in 2008 a small C++ side project was started by Satoshi Nakamoto. This project would change the world for ever. 10 years later Bitcoin managed to inspire dozens of crypto currency pro